Ashwood Lane

  • Neighborhood: Forest Knolls
  • Location: From the pedestrian bridge over Clarendon Avenuel to Warren Drive near Blairwood Lane
  • Height: 40 feet

Oddly enough, both ends of this block have have stairways going down from the streets at either end. There are actually two separate stairways, one at each end, connected by a relatively flat path below Clarendon Elementary School. This path is at a lower elevation than either Clarendon Avenue or Warren Drive, hence the stairs descending to reach it.

This stairway has plain concrete steps and metal railings, unlike all of the other stairways in Forest Knolls. This is likely because this stairway was built earlier than all of the others, when the neighborhood was first developed and probably when Clarendon Elementary School was built. The stairs probably exist to provide more convenient access to the school.



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