Beale Street to Harrison Street

  • Neighborhood: Rincon Hill
  • Location: From Beale Street up to Harrison Street where Harrison passes over Beale
  • Height: 40 feet

Two terrifying stairways from the east side of Beale Street up to Harrison Street at the base of the bridge where Harrison passes over Beale. Both stairways are dark and especially sketchy due to being fully enclosed below the Harrison Street sidewalk above and the buildings next to the street. In my opinion, these are the worst, most unpleasant stairways in the city.

The two stairways have alternated between being closed for much of 2022 for multiple improvements, including additional lighting and complete repainting in bright colors.

The current bridge and stairs appear to have been built in the 1930s.
A bridge was first built for Harrison Street in this location between 1911 and 1912, when Beale Street was cut through Rincon Hill.



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