Burnside Avenue north of Bosworth Street

  • Neighborhood: Glen Park
  • Location: From the dead-end block of Burnside Avenue south of Paradise Avenue to Bosworth Street
  • Height: 25 feet

In 2022, a huge mural was painted on the stairway thanks to the Burnside Mural+ project. The retaining wall below the stairs depicts the natural environment of Glen Canyon, both past and present. The low wall next to the stairs shows historical scenes and people from Glen Park's past.
The mural was painted by the Twin Wall Mural Company.

A tiled mosaic is also planned to be added onto the steps.

The current stairway was built circa 1968, when Bosworth Street was widened to its present width by removing the homes that had been on the north side of the street. There previously was a stairway in the same location that was removed for the widening.



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