Clover Lane - 19th Street to Kite Hill

  • Neighborhood: Eureka Valley
  • Location: From 19th Street near Seward Street to Kite Hill park
  • Height: 35 feet

Fences were installed at both ends of the stairs on February 21st, 2023, after the stairway was closed by an emergency resolution of he Department of Public Works. There doesn't appear to have been any recent damage to the stairs to cause the closure, so it may simply be that their existing condition was poor enough to justify a closure once the city noticed.

Narrow, ramshackle steps up to Kite Hill. Somewhat dangerous due to one very steep section, and exposed rebar sticking up from the ground that once held wood steps in place that have mostly disappeared.

These steps tend to become heavily overgrown after the winter rainy season.



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