Diana Street at Thornton Avenue

  • Neighborhood: Silver Terrace
  • Location: From the north end of Diana Street to Thornton Avenue between Neptune Street and Topeka Avenue
  • Height: 10 feet

Built along with Diana Street in the 1990s. Like most of the neighboring north-south streets, it's named after a figure from Roman mythology: In this case, the goddess Diana.

The land surrounding Diana Street was once the location of the last operating commercial farm in San Francisco. It was operated by the DeMattei family until the 1990s, when the portion of the land west of the Caltrain tunnel was developed with housing. The land above the Caltrain tunnel set vacant until the Florence Fang Asian Community Garden was opened in 2014.

Further reading on the farm:
San Francisco Chronicle article from March 10th, 2016
Los Angeles Times article from July 8th, 1988



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