Dragon's Tale Staircase

  • Neighborhood: Miraloma Park
  • Location: From Bella Vista Way near Dorcas Way to Miraloma Elementary School
  • Height: 20 feet

A tile mosaic stairway with the a centerpiece mosaic of a fire-breathing dragon on a wall next to the stairs. The bottom of the stairs show the dragon's tail and back half of the dragon's body, and mosaics further up have an educational theme relating to the stairs being the entrance to the school. There's a mosaic on a wall showing the solar system, and the last 12 steps at the top count from 1 through 12, showing the counts of a variety of objects.

The mosaics were design by artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher, who designed many of the tiled stairways in San Francisco, but are most well-known for the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps and Hidden Garden Steps.
The Miraloma Arts Council (SF Parks Alliance link) led the project to create the mosaics, and it was completed in 2020.

The stairs only go to the entrance to the schoolyard of Miraloma Elementary School, but are open to explore at all times.



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