Duncan Street east of Noe Street

  • Neighborhood: Noe Valley
  • Location: From the end of the dead-end block of Duncan Street west of Sanchez Street to Noe Street
  • Height: 30 feet

Stairs next to the steepest part of the block at Noe, which is blocked off to vehicles. The adjacent section of the street is paved with concrete and Belgian block gutters, but has probably never been open to vehicular traffic due to an incredible 50% grade. This is twice the 25% grade of the section of the block immediately below it, and far more than the 31% grade of the official steepest streets in the city (22nd Street west of Church and Filbert Street west of Leavenworth.) It's even steeper than the 34% grade of the official steepest street in the world in Dunedin, New Zealand and the 41% grade of the unofficial steepest street in the city.

The stairs were completely rebuilt in 2014.



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