Encinal Walk

  • Neighborhood: Golden Gate Heights
  • Location: From the west side of 14th Avenue at Moraga to the top of Grandview Park
  • Height: 55 feet

A steep stairway straight up to the top of Grandview Park. It was built in 1927, when the streets in Golden Gate Heights were graded and all of the stairways were built.

The original plan for Golden Gate Heights had a smaller Grandview Park, with homes lining the base of the hill along Noriega Street and 14th and 15th Avenues. Only the top of the hill would have been a park, and Encinal Walk was laid out as one of the means of accessing that park, along with Crestwell Walk. There were actually two blocks of Encinal Walk planned, this one, and another up the northwestern side of the hill from 15th Avenue, which was never built.



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