Forest Hill Grand Stairway

  • Neighborhood: Forest Hill
  • Location: From Magellan Avenue at Pacheco Street and Dorantes Avenue to Castenada Avenue near Lopez Avenue
  • Height: 70 feet

By far the grandest of all stairways in San Francisco, serving as a grand entrance into Forest Hill from Dewey Boulevard. The stairs sit behind a well-manicured lawn with a large planter urn at the center in the space between Magellan Avenue and where Pacheco Street and Dorantes Avenue join together. This layout is mirrored on the other side of Dewey Boulevard with a much flatter stairway. It was built in 1912 or 1913, when Forest Hill was first being developed.

This is among the widest stairways in the city, with 15 foot wide steps. At the bottom, the steps are in a semi-circle with built-in benches on either side. There's also an even wider, short stairway at the bottom in the middle of Magellan Avenue.

This stairway doesn't have a name, although it's sometimes referred to as the Pacheco stairs, even though Pacheco Street snakes around it to the east. Its only officially designation by the city is the undignified title of "Unnamed 036".



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