Globe Alley

  • Neighborhood: Sherwood Forest/Mount Davidson
  • Location: From Hazelwood Avenue at Los Palmos Drive to Cresta Vista Drive east of Casitas Avenue
  • Height: 60 feet

A combination of a stairway, sidewalk, dirt path, and a driveway. There's a short stairway at Los Palmos/Hazlewood, followed by a sidewalk that abruptly ends mid-block, a short dirt section, six more steps, and then the north end of the block functions as the driveway for 96 Cresta Vista. From Cresta Vista, there was no indication that the driveway is part of a public street until a street sign was installed recently.

The sidewalk portion of the alley ends roughly at the properly line between the homes on Cresta Vista and Hazelwood due to each street being developed at different times. The homes on Hazelwood were built in the 1920s and 1930s, and the stairway and sidewalk at the bottom were built around the same time. The northern half of the block only existed as dirt footpath until 1948, when the homes on Cresta Vista were built.



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