Hidden Garden Steps

  • Neighborhood: Golden Gate Heights
  • Location: 16th Avenue from Kirkham Street to Lawton Street
  • Height: 55 feet

The second and lesser-known of the two tiled stairways in Golden Gate Heights. The steps are covered with tile mosaics with a garden theme, depicting insects, plant life, and animals. The tiles were sponsored by neighbors and supporters and installed in 2013.
They were designed by artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher, who also designed the nearby 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, as well as many of the other tiled stairways in the city.

The stairs were originally built around 1927, when all of the streets in Golden Gate Heights were graded and all of the stairways were built.

Official site, archived by the Internet Archive (Website is no longer available)
Friends of the Hidden Garden Steps
Hidden Garden Steps - collettecrutcher.com



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