Naglee Avenue Tiled Steps

  • Neighborhood: Outer Mission
  • Location: Naglee Avenue from Cayuga Avenue to Alemany Boulevard
  • Height: 20 feet

Steps tiled with scenes of the natural environment of Islais Creek (Cayuga Avenue follows the path of a tributary of Islais Creek), homes in the neighborhood, and the wood carvings of Demetrio Braceros that are around the corner in Cayuga Playground. There is also a large mural on a wall on the north side of the stairs.

A lesser-known tiled stairway to the point that I can't find any other references to it online, not even any information about when the tiles were installed. All I know is that the tiles were put in some time between my visits in 2018 and 2021.

Before the tiles were installed, the steps had been painted with undersea creatures.



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