Restani Pedestrian Way

  • Neighborhood: Outer Mission
  • Location: From Geneva Avenue across from Baywood Court to the end of Restani Way
  • Height: 10 feet

Officially called either Restani Pedestrian Way or Restani Stairway, this is a connection between the end of Restani Way and Geneva Avenue. Both it and Restani Way were built circa 1953, when the greenhouses of the Geneva Nursery that had previously occupied the northeast corner of the block were developed into housing.

This spot was once the edge of Lake Geneva, a small natural lake along a creek that flowed north down what is now Cayuga Avenue towards Islais Creek. The fact that the stairs are in this exact spot may be the only remaining trace of the lake, as this was the western edge of the nursery property, probably because of the presence of the lake.



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