Sunnyside Conservatory to Joost Avenue

  • Neighborhood: Sunnyside
  • Location: From the path around the back side of the Sunnyside Conservatory park to Joost Avenue
  • Height: 15 feet

A rear entrance to the Sunnyside Conservatory park from Joost Avenue.

The Sunnyside Conservatory was built circa 1898 by William Merralls next to his home at 258 Monterey. After the removal of the building's east wing due to an accidentally issued demolition permit in the 1978, it was purchased by the city and became a park in 1980. The structure had long been deteriorating, and was restored in the 2000s, with a grand re-opening held in 2009.
History of the Conservatory - Friends of the Sunnyside Conservatory
Sunnyside Conservatory - Western Neighborhoods Project



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