Vulcan Stairway

  • Neighborhood: Corona Heights
  • Location: From Ord Street near Ord Court to Levant Street near Lower Terrace
  • Height: 115 feet

One of the nicest stairways in the city and definitely one of my favorites. There are terraced gardens beside the lower half of the stairs, and the upper half is surrounded by greenery and lined with several charming Victorian cottages.

The current stairs were built circa 1925. There's one main stairway all the way up to Levant Street, and also a short dead-end offshoot providing access to the only three houses on the south side of the street.

Vulcan is named for the Roman god of fire, as part of a theme of several streets in the area named after figures from Roman mythology. There are Saturn and Mars Streets nearby, and the south end of Levant Street (Where Vulcan ends) was formerly named Juno, and part of Roosevelt Way was named Pluto. This is almost certainly due to these streets being on the slopes of Mount Olympus - despite Mount Olympus being part of Greek mythology.



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